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Mind-Body Medicine Practices DVD

Individual genetics and the environment dictate how each of us becomes susceptible to disease; that is, the absence of ease (health) at the cellular level. Our immune systems are capable of overcoming very formidable dis-ease and health problems, even those as severe as cancer. At one extreme, medical research shows that with practiced, positive visualization, the immune system can rise to the challenge of stopping the aberrant cancer cell from reproducing. One of the simplest, most basic, and universally applicable self-training methods for creating positive effects is the use of a special spinning spiral.

By focusing one’s total attention on the spinning spiral while simultaneously receiving suggestions for relaxation, most people—young and old—are able to enter into this natural, positive state of empowerment and learn to use it to enhance their lives. This practice can enhance wellness, productivity, physical fitness and the elimination of dis-ease. To help people experience positive self-change using this special spinning spiral, a demonstration has been produced and exhibited on the AquaDios web site, and a DVD has been professionally produced.

This program combines narration and classical music to assist the participant in accessing this positive state of relaxation. It is recommended that in the beginning you use these tools in uninterrupted privacy until you feel comfortable about your experience.

Concentration and the Spinning Spiral

One of the most universally dramatic tools for achieving powerful concentration is the special spinning spiral. The spinning spiral shows most clearly how focused and responsive the mind can become with simple concentration on this rotating shape.

To achieve the greatest value from this practice, it is best to remain focused on the spinning spiral throughout the exercise, except as instructed. At one point the auditory instructions ask you to look away at any object of choice. The object can be almost anything, but the experience is most profound when the object is small enough to be seen in its entirety in one glance, such as a lamp, a potted plant, a picture, or a painting on the wall. Some locations may have wall clocks, which are ideal.

The Spinning Spiral Experience

To perform the practice, first focus your eyes on the center of the spiral. A common perceptual change is a fuzziness or waviness in the lines of the spiral. This is a positive sign that your mind is becoming more focused. Another common perceptual change may be the appearance of a yellowish, fluorescent-like fringe on the edges of the lines. As you continue to focus on the spinning form, you may occasionally perceive the spiral to grow larger, especially when looking toward the edges. It may even almost seem to come out at you.

While the spiral is spinning, you can give yourself the suggestion that the spinning shape is exhibiting three-dimensional effects. By suggesting to yourself that the spiral is a funnel or a whirlpool, you may experience these perceptions manifesting right before your eyes.

Now and again, the spiral may seem to be unwinding, much like the spring of a giant clock. Continued concentration on the spinning shape may also produce the appearance of dark rays spinning off the edges of the figure.

These are all positive signs that your mind is becoming progressively more focused and your imagination and mental capacities are coming more under your control.

As one suggestion while focusing on the spinning spiral, you might consider telling yourself that you are in a spiral tunnel that is speeding away from you. Can you imagine yourself in a train traveling through a tunnel and looking out the rear window?

Whiling focusing on the spinning spiral, can you imagine yourself looking up at the top of a deep well? Can you allow yourself to feel as though you are sinking into the deep, spiral well as you continue to look up at the top? After experiencing these sensations, can you reverse this perception? Can you give yourself the suggestion that you are looking down at the bottom of a well and feel the experience of rising out of it?

From the moment you first began gazing at the spinning spiral, have you wondered about the possibility that your mind could become increasingly focused on positive suggestions, feelings, and sensations? Can you imagine how your life might improve by purposefully allowing yourself this kind of highly focused ability? Can you allow yourself to know that your mind can become increasingly powerful with each beat of your heart, with each blink of your eyes, especially thoughts for superior health and good will?

At some point during the practice, you can demonstrate to yourself that there has been a positive change within your perceptions. For a brief moment, look away from the spinning spiral at some particular object. Can you see how enjoyable your new experience, your new perceptions, can be? Do you see the changes in your perception as you gaze at that object?

Inner Peace and Enhanced Living

As you continue to focus on the spinning spiral, you may be pleased to feel a sense of inner peace gradually coming over your body. As this inner peace grows, allow yourself to sink into a deep state of relaxation, and become even more deeply relaxed with each breath you take. Gradually, as you contemplate how much more relaxed you can become, permit your eyes to close. Can you allow your body to feel comfortably warm, especially your hands, as if you were in a nice, warm, comfortable bath or Jacuzzi?

After beginning to feel these states of relaxed comfort, allow yourself to internally count backward from 20 with each exhalation. You may also imagine this counting to be preparing you for your own positive self-suggestions, whatever they are or will be, as you become more empowered with your natural abilities to focus your mind on your health and welfare in all of your life’s pursuits.

For example, if you wish to lose weight, can you suggest to yourself that you will become satisfied with smaller amounts of more healthful food, and that you will learn to eat more slowly and to chew longer before swallowing?

If you wish to stop smoking, can you give yourself the suggestion that you will recognize the health hazards of smoke, nicotine, tars and other toxic debris found in the smoke of cigarettes? You might imagine recovering your early memories of how cigarette smoke made you cough, caused yours eyes to burn, and made you to feel irritated in the presence of this pollutant. You might then wonder how tobacco companies have been allowed to dupe the public about the health hazards of smoking for so many decades. You might even visualize yourself feeling independent and free of the urge to smoke by simply taking a deep breath of fresh air and exhaling until the urge passes.

If you are a student, can you suggest to yourself that you will easily and automatically focus on the most valuable information of your studies, both in lecture and your reading? You might imagine becoming automatically proficient at recalling information during tests.

If you are an athlete, can you visualize a specific level of performance that produces the results you want, and practice this imagery on a regular basis?

If you are having bouts of sleeplessness, can you conceive of suggestions to produce deep, healthful sleep—including peaceful and relaxing dreams—with each breath you take, as you prepare to enter the state of slumber?

More Powerful Than You Know

Your mind is a far more powerful tool than you have ever been allowed to believe. It truly does have dominion over your body and your physical health. Allow yourself to learn the potential of your mind and develop your ability to bring positive states of being to your life.

The Mind-Body Medicine practices featuring the spinning spiral can be your gateway to these advanced abilities. The AquaDios web site and the Mind-Body Medicine DVD both feature two practices, one guided by narration by Dr. Alfred A. Barrios, the other with classical music only, so as not to distract from your own self-suggestions. Allow yourself to experience these wonderful states of mind and be well!

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