AquaDios-MedTM includes therapeutic massage in each buoyant stage of exercise immersion to help injured, sore or tender areas to become active.

The AquaDios-MedTM physical hard-work exercise phase is a cold immersion to establish individual tolerance for self-determined physical movement.

The last AquaDios-MedTM phase begins recognition of Rehabilitation Pain or safe movement activities without causing further or new injury.

AquaDios-MedTM deep-water exercise permits people to distinguish between re-injury and acceptable non-injury physical activity to further accelerate healing. Rehabilitation Pain during these immersions expedites a much higher cell-production repair rate than normal. Click here to see AquaDios-MedTM videos.

For decades in Russia, this type of special therapy was secretly reserved only for top athletes to promote soft tissue healing such as tendons and nerve tissue as well as bone fractures and other injuries. Around the world, similar procedures are commonly used on prize thoroughbred racing horses and other animals to aid in healing spinal and leg injuries.

AquaDios-MedTM combines these procedures with mind/body science in one process.

Exercise physiologists rate benefits of deep, cool-water exercise while immersed to the neck highest of all physical activities because of the following facts:

  • Activation of approximately 90% of the major muscle groups results in superior cardiovascular conditioning
  • Elimination of high body heat, and neuromuscular trauma to the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles
  • A heart rate of 10 to 20 beats less per minute allows the heart muscle to grow stronger during water exertion than on dry land
  • Hemoglobin oxygen in the blood is increased
  • Improved body tissue oxygen extraction from blood
  • Arterial venous difference allows a greater volume of oxygen consumption
  • Vital air capacity in lungs increases
  • Bone mass density strength and regeneration is increased
  • Lactic acid is higher and dissipates faster
  • Isokinetic water resistance increases strength, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility

More facts of interest:

Warm- to hot-water immersion at 90 to 100 degrees F dilates vessels, engorges the body with blood, and accelerates flexibility, mobility.

Cool-water immersion at 68 to 72 degrees F increases hemoglobin and oxygen within the cell structure. Cold-water immersion 48 to 58 degrees F accelerates immune system production of hemoglobin and oxygen extraction inside the blood for rapid construction and repair of body tissue. AquaDios-MedTM pre-exercise immersion environment is substantially cooler than standard hydrotherapy temperature.

Deep Water Running has the highest aerobic cardiovascular value of all exercise with minimal risk of injury [requires specific training].

Bone-mass density and strength is increased with deep cool-water immersion exercise, as this activity creates increased body-fluid exchange at porous bone areas and synaptic response to stimulate bone regeneration.

Typical conservative treatment takes about 70% longer to rehabilitate to pre-injury levels of functionality and in general is much less effective than the more aggressive applied AquaDios-MedTM procedures. AquaDios-MedTM has formulated methods for multiplying concentrations of oxygen and other vital nutrients for cell production repair within the blood.

AquaDios-MedTM technologies and procedures unite the most powerful methods to activate and accelerate natural individual immune system capacities. Research confirms that circulation and engorgement of blood is stimulated by hot immersion, and by alternating with cold immersion the production of hemoglobin and oxygen in the blood is additionally increased. AquaDios-MedTM multiple temperature immersion programs are calculated to accelerate rehabilitation, recuperation and recovery by access to multiple exercise immersion temperatures. Thus, AquaDios-MedTM technologies actively and spontaneously accelerate the individual's natural immune system functions.

Psychoneuroimmunological, psychophysiological and psychobiological research demonstrates applied clinical hypnosis and behavior medicine help mediate immune system functions to facilitate therapeutic mind/body healing.

An AMA (American Medical Association) ten-year study on aging concluded that aging is the equivalent of inactivity, not passage of time, and nutrition with proper exercise can delay or reverse the aging process.

AquaDiosTM is an ingenious fusion of health wisdom found all through ancient civilization to the present combined with modern computerized biomechanical science.

AquaDios-MedTM produces only positive results. There are no downsides or negative side affects. Daily AquaDios-MedTM immersion in this preventative medicine and physical fitness tool boosts immune system cell production required to rejuvenate and accelerate healing. This, in itself, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars to our economy.

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