Mind/Body Science (MBS) originates from ancient healing practices, yet is still active in modern medical treatment. MBS approaches include professional clinical hypnosis, healing and cures through suggestion, imagination, imagery, expectancy and the self-determination and motivation of the patient.

Medical science demonstrates the human immune system to be labile, governed by the unconscious, and that mind/body science mediation can ingeniously instruct the immune system. Medical science also demonstrates the human body's response to traumatic injury or the insult of surgery is automatic and governed by each individual's immune system.

Mainstream approaches fail to capitalize on the individual's independence and capacity to utilize their internal mind/body capacities to manifest pain management, monitor re-injury pain and to remain functional from the moment of injury or disease.

In 1978, at an international meeting with the Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine, Melbourne, Australia, over 500 doctors from throughout the world discussed alternative treatment of disease. Presentations and lectures discussed how applied clinical hypnosis was one of the most powerful alternatives in the treatment of cancer. Many of these brilliant physicians were falsely branded as charlatans as the media sensationalized reports that hypnosis cures cancer. These meetings had guards at the entrance doors to prohibit media coverage; only doctors with badges were allowed to attend.

During this time, cancer was equivalent to a death sentence (similar to AIDS today). Radical mastectomy (removal of both breasts) was a standard treatment for breast cancer. It was also common for an oncologist or cancer specialist to employ such an overdose of chemotherapy that many of the patients did not survive the negative side effects of the medically prescribed drugs. Today the cancer survival rate approaches 80% with combinations of lumpectomony (surgical removal of only the abnormal tissue), less and specific chemotherapy, proactive patient/doctor/counselor mind/body interaction (psychoneuroimmunological mediation), physical exercise and positive thinking etc.

In 1981, Academic Press, New York published facts presented by researcher R. Ader, about psychoneuroimmunology. This lead to the most accurate mind/body process known today as psychoneuroimmunological mediation. This long, complicated term defines a process, which combines patient/doctor activities and procedures once limited to early studies and practices in medical or clinical hypnosis and mind/body sciences. It is the positive effect of: (1) psycho (the mind), (2) neuro (influence over the entire physiology), and (3) immunology (authority over the immune system). "Mediation" describes the intervention initiated by the treatment team and patient. In the sports field, a similar process is simply termed "inner mental training." Emphasis of this never-ending mind/body interaction is that, in fact, we humans do influence our minds and bodies in positive and negative ways. The objective is to eliminate or decrease the negative, or "dis-ease" (absence of ease), and increase the positive to the ease of wellness, balance, well-being and homeostatic balance.

Over several decades, a large number of scientific studies have shown a direct connection between the mind and the immune response and medically defined dis-ease, including cancer. A 1993 book titled The Type C Connection by L. Temoshok & H. Dreher identifies a series of studies in the early 1970s by Dr. Robert Ader that helped put mind/body science on the map. Ader and his group found that by following a Pavlovian conditioning paradigm they could condition a group of rats to suppress their immune response. Ader gave the rats a drug that suppressed their immune system at the same time they were fed saccharin- sweetened water. Later, when the rats were given only the sweet water, the immune functions plummeted, just as if they had been given the immune- suppressing drug. Ader concluded the brain must be involved in immunity. How else could a rat learn to suppress its own immune system? Dr. Ader coined the term psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) to describe the mind/body connection affecting such dis-eases as cancer.Click here for Dr. Barrios' abstract on Curing Cancer Through The Mind.

AquaDios-MedTM is the cutting edge of healing technology because it combines intriguing mechanized technology and engineering science together with potent healing sources found in the psychoneuroimmunology mind body sciences. AquaDios-MedTM paves the way for individuals, both injured and healthy, to engage in positive, aggressive, yet safe immersion environment exercise to stimulate and accelerate recuperation, rehabilitation and healing. AquaDios-MedTM procedures and process rouse dynamic immune system function, prevent swelling, advance rapid healing, and reduce psychological disorders like anxiety or depression.

AquaDios-MedTM multiple immersion methods combine regulated temperature and resistance together with MBS to de-condition traumatic muscle memories and assure safe activity to reverse suffering and accelerate recuperation.

AquaDios-MedTM Sports Medicine Treatment Programs are revolutionary designs maximizing psyconeruoimmunilogical mediation capable of profound accelerated healing, pain management and recuperation because exercise is performed in an altered state of consciousness with inner mental training and the ideal performance state while in multiple water temperatures.

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AquaDiosTM is not a panacea...
It's a reality waiting to be implemented for the human race.

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